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Specialist Hoist Access Equipment

Goldlift Track Hoist
Narrow entrance boom hoist.

Ideal for accessing areas with narrow entrances, this boom lift has a narrow base that extends once in place, allowing a safe working height of 45 ft.


Haulotte Star 10 - Narrow Aisle Boom Lift
Narrow Aisle boom lift: Standing height of 8m, working at 10m.

This hoist will fit through a standard doorway. it is ideal for working at height in a narrow space such as a supermarket or warehouse aisle.

Standing height of 8m with a working height of 10m.



Please watch YOUTUBE video below to see our Star 10 Boom Hoist in action.



One man push around narrow hoist.
One man narrow access hoist.

Ideal for restricted access areas, this hoist will go through a standard single doorway. Because the working platform is so narrow, the operator can access tight high areas in ceiling etc. Working Height of 8.24m.

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