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Digger Hire

We can offer

1.5 Tonne Digger

Fully Hydraulic Compact Excavator 1.5 Tonne
1,500kg (canopy)/1,615kg (cab) operating weight
2,375mm Dig Depth
Width 3'3"/4'3"
Height 7'5"
9kw Engine
Rubber tracks
Two Speed Travel
Hydraulic track adjuster
servo controls

1.0 Tonne Digger
TB 108

Fully Hydraulic Compact Excavator 1 Tonne
835kg Operation weight
1,680mm Dig Depth
Width 29.1"/35.4"
Height 6'11"
6.8kw Engine
Two Speed Travel
Hyraulic track width adjuster

2.3 Tonne Digger - Zero Tail Swing

Made for Tight Corners

Zero Tail Swing
2,600kg (cab)/2415kg(canopy)
2,560mm Max Dig Depht
13.9kw Engine
Rubber Track
Two Speed Travel
Boom Swing Angle(L/R) Cab
Variable Flow Hydraulics
Servo Controls

3.0 Tonne Digger

Fully Hydraulic compact Excavator  3 Tonne
2,790kg Operating Weight
2,890mm Dig Depth
Width 4'9"
Height 8'0'
16.8kw Engine
Two speed Travel
Tilting Cab Module
Variable Flow Hydraulics
Servo Controls

7.5 Tonne Digger
TB 175

Fully Hydraulic Excavator
Operation Weight (lbs) 17,230
Dig Depth 15'10"
Width 5'8.5"
Height 8'5"
Rubber tracks
FR Offset System
Variable Flow Hydraulics
Servo Controls


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