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Wood Chipper Hire

Wood Chipper Hire. 6" garden wood chipper
6 inch garden wood chipper for shredding garden waste.


The Arborist 15-23 diesel is a 150mm x 230mm (6-inch x 9-inch) capacity machine with a 34 hp turbo diesel engine, twin feed rollers, No-Stress power control. A unique design allows a convenient infeed height with a top and side control/safety bar, eliminating most nuisance tripping. The folding infeed chute gives a compact transport mode and allows the chipper to fit inside your garage for safe storage. Road towable.

9 inch Garden chipper.

Its ability to drag in the most difficult material with minimal trimming gets the job done quicker and more cost effectively than any other. A slightly lower infeed hopper at 580mm (23inch) takes it into the H&SE’s B category requiring a ‘TOP & SIDE’ safety bar, eliminating the need for the bottom bar that causes so many nuisance roller stops.

Equipped with state of the art, combined No-Stress and engine controller, full road lighting and brakes, plus storage flap on the infeed chute, the Arborist 19-28 is compact and competitively priced.

9 inch Tracked garden chipper.
Rough terrain garden chipper. This garden chipper is on tracks, which allows it to work on rough terrain or on a hillside.

Most Tracked Chippers suffer from poor stability on sloping ground, lack of ground clearance and are too wide for restricted access.

The SAFE-Trak system solves all this with its innovative track extension system (Patent Pending) that independently extends each track by up to 600mm (24-inches) & can raise the machine to give extra ground clearance, up to 600mm (24-inches). By extending only 1 track, slopes up to 35-degrees can be traversed in complete safety. A twin Pump system totalling 90lt/min gives a tracking speed of up to 6km/h.

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